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1)  Disconnect the charger at the front of the vehicle.  

  • If the red light is illuminated on the charger handle, you will need to press the ‘end charge’ button on the charger screen.

  • Close the safety cap over the car charger socket and close the charge port lid.

2). Unlock Vehicle 

  • Unlock vehicle by tapping your GO-EV Card on the white reader in the corner of the driver’s side windscreen. It will light up to indicate your card has been read, and then flash green to indicate the vehicle is unlocked. If you forget your card, you can log into the GO-EV booking system on your computer or mobile phone and press the button to lock/unlock your vehicle, but it might take a little while to process 

3)  Ensure you complete the damage logbook found in the glove box - Any new damage must be reported before driving.          Please take a photo and contact either via or 07340 558 351

3)  To start the vehicle.

  • Ensure you have removed the keys from the magnet in the glovebox.

  • On the lower left side of the steering wheel is a blue starting button. Pressing the brake pedal, press the start button and the dashboard lights will come on.



  • A green car light on the dash indicates the vehicle has started:



  • Use the gear selector, an orange light will show which gear you are in.

    • D – Drive

    • R – Reverse

    • P button to “Park” - disengage the gears

  • Please ensure you keep your right foot on the main footbrake before releasing the handbrake as the vehicle will start to move.

  • NISSAN LEAF ONLY: The handbrake is a small pedal located to the left of the main footbrake.  (Please ensure you keep your right foot on the main footbrake). Use your left foot to release by pressing down and then let it rise with your foot.

  • You are now ready to drive.  When you slowly release your foot off the main brake pedal the vehicle will start to move.

  • Use your right foot for the accelerator pedal and main brake pedal.

  • On the dash you will see approximate number of miles you can travel from the current charge of the battery. 

  • The vehicle will be charged for your rental but in the unlikely event the vehicle battery is running low it will give you plenty of warnings.

4). End a rental.

  • At the end of your rental please park the vehicle back in its designated bay and ensure:

    • The gear selector is in “Park”.

    • Handbrake is on (LEAF users this is the small foot pedal to the left of the main brake pedal which should be pressed down to engage it)

    • Windows are closed.

    • Vehicle is switched off using the start/stop button. 

    • Keys are placed on the magnet in the glove box.

  • Unlock the charge port lid at the front of the vehicle by releasing the switch found to the right of the steering wheel down towards the pedals.



  • Put the vehicle back on charge by inserting the charger gun into the charge port.

  • Before you lock the vehicle, Please ensure you: 

    • Remove all personal belongings and litter

    • Check and report any new damage caused during your rental

    • Close all windows, put keys on magnet and ensure all doors are closed

    • Have left the vehicle clean and tidy ready for the next user

  • Lock vehicle by tapping your GO-EV card on the windscreen where the card reader is - if you have forgotten your GO-EV card log into your booking and use the lock button.

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