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Energy Clinic FAQs

See if the answers to your energy, efficiency, and billing questions are here


Many of our customers struggle with the same issues like how to change suppliers or understanding electricity bills. You may find answers to some of your questions here or alternatively, you can contact us through the Energy Clinic home page so we can try and help you. 

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Why is my electricity bill so high? 

The Isles of Scilly suffers with some of the highest electricity bills in the UK. This is due to the islands relying heavily on electricity without the option of gas on the islands. With the average house efficiency bellow D, the excess heat we use to keep our homes warm escapes easily, making it harder to maintain ambient temperatures.


There may be other reasons for your high electricity bills including being on a tariff that doesn't suit your household, using inefficient appliances or you are unaware that suppliers charges have changed.


Contact the energy clinic so we can help you find out the reasons for your costly electricity bills.

How do I contact the Energy Clinic?

We are available during regular office hours from Monday to Friday to call and email. You can talk to us about any queries you have or problems you're facing or you can book a face-to-face appointment with us and we will try and help. We have regular drop-in clinics on Thursdays in the Public Library (as seen on our home page) so you can come with your electricity bills and/or other questions to get our advice if needed. 

We plan on increasing our appearances at public events and other islands soon, to keep updated on this please visit our Facebook Page.

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Can I change suppliers with a smart meter?

Of course! Changing suppliers with a smart meter is similar to changing with a traditional meter. However, depending on your new supplier, they might need to replace your meter as some companies don't use the same meter technology. If your new supplier uses the same meter technology the switch will be easy, click the link bellow for more information.

Why are prices 'higher' for green energy tariffs?

Green energy tariffs that are linked directly with green energy production (like solar panels) are usually cheaper than regular tariffs as you are getting the energy directly from the source. However, renewable energy generation is not everywhere in the UK and many suppliers are 'buying' in the green energy and selling it through their company, making it and the tariff it's on more expensive. 

What other support can be found on the islands?

You can find other groups we work with here on the islands that specialise in health and wellbeing for the residents of the Isles of Scilly. Having local groups here means we can help with more specific needs and provide slightly different services than the mainland support groups. Find out more through the links bellow. 

How can I prevent mould in my home?


Make sure your heating appliances are appropriate for your type of home


Loft insulation and solid wall insulation can make a big difference in cost for heating your home. There are ways you can do this yourself or you can find out if you're eligible for financial support.  


Check the ventilation in your house is open when using the kitchen and bathroom. Opening windows can reduce condensation and therefor mould


Compare suppliers and tariffs to make sure you're using your electricity efficiently. 

Can the Energy Clinic help me choose a supplier?

If you set up a meeting with us or come down to the clinic with your electricity bill and information we can use comparison sites to help you understand and choose the right supplier and tariff for you. We use comparison sites like the ones bellow.

How can I find out if I'm eligible for support? 

You can contact your supplier to find out what options they can offer you, e.g direct debit, prepayment scheme. 

We can help you find out whether you're eligible for government support and show you options exclusively directed towards Isles of Scilly residents through organisations like Winter Wellbeing.  

What is the future of the energy clinic?

Our Shared Prosperity Funding will officially stop in March 2025. The Energy Clinic may not have weekly drop-in sessions but we will provide advice and support if the community needs. This will be through our phone service, the web page and email, we can book you in for an appointment if requested. 

Useful contacts

National Debtline

If you struggle with paying your energy bill debt call 

0808 808 4000

Simple Energy Advice

You can seek further energy advice by calling this number

0800 444 202

Citizens Advice

Consumer helpline number is


This project is part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Cornwall Council has been chosen by Government as a Lead Authority for the fund and is responsible for monitoring the progress of projects funded through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

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